Push Up Variations To Try Today

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Put Push Up Variations Into The Mix

Push up variations can supercharge your HIIT workout, while adding a whole new range of muscles and intensity into the mix. Push ups are a basic bodyweight exercise that strengthens both the upper body and the core. Different muscle groups in the chest, arms, shoulders, triceps, and abs can be targeted when changing the elevation, equipment, hand placement and/or feet position. So, no matter what your skill level, there is at least one variation that you can do today. Especially relevant, is to spend some time learning how to do the perfect push up before you attempt the push up variations that require increased strength, coordination, and balance.


PUSH UP VARIATIONSpush up variations

One Arm Push Up

TARGET AREA: arms and chest

First, begin with your feet in a wider than a normal position. Use just one arm to do a push up. Finally, keep your elbow close to your body.

Slider Fly Push Up

Target area: arms

Using paper plates or Core Sliders, slide one arm out in front of you as you lower your body until your elbow is locked straight. Switch arms with each repetition.



Clapping Push Up

Target area: chest

At the peak of your push up, push yourself up off the ground. Quickly clap in midair. Therefore, developing explosive power while also shaping up your pecs for a bikini top ready  chest.

Spiderman Push Up

Target area: core

First, do a normal push up, while raising one knee toward the elbow of the same side as you rise. Next, switch knees with each rep.

Wide Grip Push Up

Target area: chest

Start from a normal push up position. However, spread your hands wider than shoulder length.  As a result, your chest is forced to pick up the brunt of the work from your triceps and shoulders.

Feet Elevated Push Up

Target area: intensifies work on upper body and core

While this exercise starts as a normal push up, your feet are elevated on a stable platform like a box, an aerobic step, or bench. The higher the platform, the more you’ll work your shoulders, chest, and core. Most of all, scapular stabilizers, the muscles that connect your neck, mid back, and shoulders, are also engaged.

Close Grip Push Up

Target area: triceps

Begin by doing a normal push up with your hands just a few inches apart underneath your chest.

Single Arm Medicine Ball Push Up

Target area: arms, pecs, and shoulders.

Using one arm, do a set on a small medicine ball. Next, do the next set with the other arm. Due to the stability challenge, you are forced to rely on more than just brute strength.

Single Leg Push Up

Target area: intensifies work on upper body and core

Lift one leg up off the ground and do a set. Switch legs on the next set.

T Push Up

Target area: full-body workout.

Start in the push up position. Next, take one hand and raise it straight up in the air. This makes a T-shape out of your body. Repeat on the other side. To increase intensity, add dumbbells to the routine. Not only are you targeting your chest, but you’re also strengthening your shoulders, opening up your  spine, and building rotational power through your core.

Pike Push Up

TARGET AREA: Shoulders

Lift your hips as high while keeping your legs and back straight. The top of your head points downward.  Make a triangle shape out of your body. Next, push your body up and down. As a result, this is one of  the push up variations that activates your shoulders.

1.5 Push Up

Target area: chest.

Begin at the bottom of the push up rep. Then, move upward halfway. Next, descend. Finally, push up again. This creates Time Under Tension, TUT. By adding an extra half of a push up, you’ll increase your TUT, and pump your muscles.

Suspension Trainer Incline Push Up

TRX PRO Suspension Training Kit

Target area: chest and core.

First, place your feet in a suspension trainer, like a TRX  Suspension Kit, so that they are elevated. Next, perform a push up. Finally, bring your knees to your chest. As a result, your entire body is moving , making this push up great for cardio days at the gym.


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